Jake Scott, NAACP Montgomery Chapter's 2011 Teacher of the Year

Jake Scott, NAACP Montgomery Chapter's 2011 Teacher of the Year

Jake Scott is an acclaimed educator, and motivational speaker with 17 years of experience. As a teacher, Scott gained a reputation for bringing success to low achievers.

His out-of-the-box approach coupled with his high-expectation, high-provision style of leadership has been the key to his success. He is known and loved by his students for motivational strategies that impact teens from all races, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.

Scott has been praised for his unique ability to motivate young people. While at Montgomery Blair High School, Scott spearheaded the Blair Summer Math and Reading Team (B SMART), a stopgap initiative that was instrumental in keeping hundreds of students in classrooms over the summer - many of whom were promoted from remedial math to on-grade level and still some to the honors level.

Scott recently added entertainer to his arsenal as he took on his alter ego Mr. 2 Pi as a means to help his pre-calculus students understand the unit circle better.  He began to write original raps about mathematical topics to help students deepen their understanding.  Jake is on a mission to change the way that students view, appreciate and understand mathematics and based on the responses that he has gotten, he is off to a good start.  In just three years,

Scott's work as an edu-rapper has been recognized by local, national and international news agencies.  He has been endorsed by Reebok and has even traveled to Vietnam to produce an original edu-rap music video. In 2011, he was named Teacher Of The Year, by NAACP’s Montgomery County Chapter. Scott's work has been publicly praised by his state’s congressional office, the Montgomery County Council and Montgomery County School Board.

In 2013, Scott’s popularity soared as he was featured on NPR, VOA, Fox, Washington Post, WUSA, NEA, in a Reebok advertising spot and many more. 

Scott has been a guest speaker at the National Education Writers Association conference, Under the Microscope, Examining STEM Education and during the 3rd Annual Prince Georges County Scholastic Olympics. Jake has been praised for his ability to grab and keep young peoples attention.  He has been dubbed the math pi-ed pi-per for his ability to make students fall in love with math.

Scott attended American University on a wrestling scholarship where he earned top honors as a student and as an athlete.  As a senior he was named American University’s Top Male Athlete.  He also assumed the post of wrestling coach with Montgomery County Public Schools.  As a coach, he took over a winless wrestling program and transformed it into a county powerhouse where it has continued to maintain a competitive standing.